Boundless Health

Data-driven, lifestyle and longevity focused.
Your health from the inside out.

Are you ready to optimize your most important asset?

Through Boundless Health, we show you how to live a longer, healthier life by using a data-driven lifestyle approach that focuses on prevention, wellness and longevity. This is unique only to YOU.

We work directly with the best doctors in the world focused on genomics-based personalized testing to give you the data and step-by-step roadmap you need to achieve your goals through long-term lifestyle change instead of quick fixes or shortcuts.

How It Works

Understanding You.

We start with your current state, where you are now. Focusing in on both the hard data (testing) and your emotional satisfaction (conversation) in your life. We run a series of assessments to get a clear picture on factors like: Health, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition, Family, Fun and Mindfulness. In doing so, we are able to get an accurate baseline for us to move from to develop a plan to become Boundless.


You know your chronological age. Discover your ‘biological’ age and set goals to decrease that age year over year.


Again, inside out, with your DNA and RNA as a guide to understanding what you should and should not be doing.

Gut Microbiome

As your foundation for wellness, your gut reveals a detailed analysis to create a plan for improvement.

Lab Panel (Blood)

Not just your normal blood draw for your annual physical, this testing covers every aspect of your health with green, yellow, red variances.


Ongoing Execution.

We work with you to determine and implement essential habits and alignment strategies to create a common purpose, a feeling of alignment and high levels of accountability through the introduction and mastery of Boundless Self.

Health Coach

Virtual Meetings with your personal Health Coach 1x per month.

Health Dashboard

Through Boundless Health Coaching, you will have access to your personal dashboard that keeps track of your assesments, lab work and personal plan.


Each year, you will have access to retest all of your lab work if you wish.


Boundless Health Events:

Set on the grounds and inside the fortress of the Kentucky Castle in Lexington, KY, you’ll experience the single most individualized attention available.

Your genetics, epigenome, microbiome and environment make you uniquely different from everyone else. We explore your particular risk factors and identify an optimal diet, exercise and supplement strategy to help you live your best possible life. We take a deep dive into your genetics, as well as extensive biomarker testing including serum, urine, saliva and microbiome. This information along with in-depth conversation, gives us a deep understanding of your potential and actual risk for disease and degeneration. We then tailor a personalized health optimization plan for you.

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