You can 'always' do more than your mind tells you can do.

Summiting a 14’er is the proof that anything is possible, it’s just one step at a time. We will push ourselves outside our comfort zones and gain new levels of confidence. Every challenge we conquer is a training ground for the next one we want to attack.

Together in Aspen; we will experience pushing our minds and bodies beyond what many people do in their lifetimes – operating at 10,000+ ft above sea level, a guided ascent to the summit of La Plata Peak (2022) and Conundrum Peak (2023) – the fourteener. We will be educated on climbing techniques, learn about the history and surroundings of Aspen and gain the experience of breaking free of our current limitations.

If you’re ready to reveal a new level of inner strength, get unstuck and become a better version of yourself, join us for the once in a lifetime adventure.