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About Andy

Andy Bailey is the founder of Petra Coach, where a team of entrepreneurial business coaches deploy their no B.S. approach to inspire, transform and scale teams and organizations. Spending most of his time these days in ‘start-up mode’ with his latest growth business, Boundless, Andy serves in an advisory role to the leadership team at Petra Coach.

A serial entrepreneur, Andy started his first company while still in college, which he subsequently built into a multi-year Inc. 500 corporation and successfully sold and exited. Now, he and his team coach C-level leaders, full teams and audiences of all sizes and industries toward mastering the same habits he uses to scale himself, his team and his businesses, as well as his clients’ – which he calls members – leaders, teams and businesses.

Andy is best known for his “No Try Life” approach to personal and professional growth — that is, eliminating the attitude of try. Success always boils down to doing. Further, when your actions are fueled with purpose, alignment and accountability, you’ll succeed more frequently with much less drama. He’s also penned several books on business and leadership success, including the Amazon bestseller No Try Only Do: Building a Business on Purpose, Alignment, and Accountability, more recently, Vitamin B (For Business): Your One-A-Day Supplement for Improvement in Business and Leadership, with his latest Be Boundless: Your Guide to A Boundless Life hitting the shelves soon.

Andy is a member of Forbes’ Coaches Council, 20+ year member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and serves on Verne Harnish’s ScaleUp Leader Council. He and Petra Coach have received a number of notable accolades including Nashville’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Best in Business, Best Places to Work, Most Admired CEO and multiple inclusions on Inc.’s 500/5,000 list.


The Content

Boundless Self: Living a No Try Life

You cannot scale your business unless you scale yourself.

In business, leaders are expected to design quarterly, annual and long-term plans that are driven by key performance indicators. Further, most leaders in an organization have gathered for at least a workday to ruminate on the organization’s purpose, mission and core values.

We know this planning is critical in business. Why don’t we do it in our lives?

In his most intimate session, Andy will delve into four priority management techniques:

The content in this presentation is beneficial to everyone from C-level executives to college freshmen. Attendees will leave with a personalized, actionable plan.

Take Your Learning Home

No Try

Andy Bailey knows entrepreneurs. Now the CEO and Founder of Petra Coach, Andy started his career as an entrepreneur, founding NationLink Wireless while still in college and growing it into an Inc. 500 corporation. After burning the candle at both ends for years, Andy realized he was working “in” his job, not “on” his business. He began searching for ways to achieve his ultimate entrepreneurial dream and began implementing a specific methodology, based on the Rockefeller Habits.

Andy’s first book details his business-booming methodologies and the principles implemented within Petra Coach. No Try, Only Do is about avoiding an excuse culture, in exchange for a culture of purpose, alignment and accountability.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, there’s no room for “try” in your vocabulary.

Vitamin B

Andy Bailey has spent his life listening to thought leaders, reading hundreds of books, attending countless events and working with hundreds of teams. And it all boils down to this: take daily action on what you are learning and studying. Nothing ever changes if you don’t.

He wrote his second book with that goal in mind – to provide you with a daily dose of learning. Served in bite-sized chunks, Vitamin B gives you a simple formula that allows you to take what you read each day and convert it to meaningful action.

You are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from Andy and his team. Reading this book is the equivalent of having one of the premier business coaches in the world share his best ideas with you...this book has the potential to change your business and your life in many, many positive ways. –John Spence | America’s TOP 100 Thought Leaders

Guillaume W. Chabot
President & CEO, Poitras Industries

Since your session, my goals in my life are clear and non-negotiable. Setting my goals in life was one thing, but understanding the why of these goals makes them the way to live my life. I wake up every day thanking life and taking time to be grateful. So every morning is a happy moment! You made me identify what I really want for myself, and the ones I love, for the next 10 years. Once I knew that, there’s no more wasting time or hesitation. It is either reaching my goals or not. I like the fact that I’m accountable for myself every day. Your method is structured and easy to follow. I’m grateful to live successfully my life!

Jessica Sullivan
VP Strategic Ventures and Shareholder Relations, Hagerty

Andy’s Boundless Self/No Try Life workshop provided me with a priceless framework for setting meaningful intention in my daily activities. I credit Andy’s coaching in the workshop as the motivating force behind my personal and business achievements since the session. His inspiration and systems fueled me to thrive instead of “just” survive!

Teresa JW Bailey, CFP, CDFA
Waddell & Associates – EO Chapter Sponsor

It all begins with you…you need to put your oxygen mask on first. This session truly outlined the foundation for continuous improvement and mastering the art of one day at a time/one habit at a time. The plan that I created has not only helped me with my professional development but also with my personal family development. Not to mention I’ve made lifelong friends. Completely worth any investment!

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